Best PHP workflo with VSCode

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Color Scheme

Choose the color scheme that you like most. I use Cobalt2 by Wes Bos.


Choose your favourite font. If you don’t like anything that exists on your machine. You can install new ones from Google Fonts. I recommend monospace fonts like Roboto Mono

User Settings

Modify your settings in VSCode by navigating through File β†’ Preferences β†’ Settings.
Mine looks like :

  "workbench.colorTheme": "Cobalt2",
  "editor.fontFamily": "Roboto Mono, Menlo, Monaco, 'Courier New', monospace",
  "editor.fontSize": 17,
  "editor.lineHeight": 25,
  "editor.letterSpacing": 0.5,
  "files.trimTrailingWhitespace": true,
  "editor.fontWeight": "400",
  "editor.cursorStyle": "line",
  "editor.cursorBlinking": "phase",
  "editor.renderWhitespace": "all",
  "window.zoomLevel": 0,
  "editor.wordWrap": "on",
  "files.associations": {
    "*.js": "javascript",
    "*.css": "css"
  "files.autoSave": "off",
  "editor.multiCursorModifier": "ctrlCmd",
  "editor.snippetSuggestions": "top",
  "editor.formatOnPaste": true,
  "workbench.activityBar.visible": true

πŸ’‘ Note: You can tweak the above settings and try experimenting.


For the complete reference of keyboard shortcuts, please got to the help menu. Help β†’ Keyboard Shortcuts Reference


These are my favourite extensions